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When you bet on many matches on one slip you could try using betting system for better success. It will give you more winners than just put all matches in one slip and at the same time it will help multiply the odds at allpro so the winnings will be high enough.

When we talk about betting systems combining five or more matches we should start with a system named Canadian. This system is for five matches which are combined in 26 bets. One with all five, five with four of the matches, ten with three matches and 10 combining two of the matches. This system is maybe the most profitable of all betting systems, compared to playing on singles.

Another successful system is Lucky 31. It combines five matches again and it is really similar to Canadian. There is just one difference. To this system are added 5 singles. It is appropriate for playing on matches with bigger odds where the singles will be counted more easily.

The system which combines six matches is called Hainz. It contains 57 bets in one. On this system you have one bet with all 6 matches in it, six slips combined five matches in it, 15 slips with four matches, 20 with three matches and 15 slips with two matches.

Super Hainz is a betting system for seven matches. It is with 120 slips. However, it is easy to say that it is not a winning system. There are too many slips on it to win. This betting system holds one slip with all matches combined, seven slips which combine 6 matches each, twenty-one slips for five matches each, thirty-five slips for four matches and again thirty-five for three matches. The system ends with 21 slips which combine the matches on two.

These big systems are too heavy for big winnings. It is quite difficult to guess all 6 matches correctly which will give you lots of money.

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