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Find your betting system

When you bet on many matches on one slip you could try using betting system for better success. It will give you more winners than just put all matches in one slip and at the same time it will help multiply the odds at allpro so the winnings will be high enough.

When we talk about betting systems combining five or more matches we should start with a system named Canadian. This system is for five matches which are combined in 26 bets. One with all five, five with four of the matches, ten with three matches and 10 combining two of the matches. This system is maybe the most profitable of all betting systems, compared to playing on singles.

Another successful system is Lucky 31. It combines five matches again and it is really similar to Canadian. There is just one difference. To this system are added 5 singles. It is appropriate for playing on matches with bigger odds where the singles will be counted more easily.

The system which combines six matches is called Hainz. It contains 57 bets in one. On this system you have one bet with all 6 matches in it, six slips combined five matches in it, 15 slips with four matches, 20 with three matches and 15 slips with two matches.

Super Hainz is a betting system for seven matches. It is with 120 slips. However, it is easy to say that it is not a winning system. There are too many slips on it to win. This betting system holds one slip with all matches combined, seven slips which combine 6 matches each, twenty-one slips for five matches each, thirty-five slips for four matches and again thirty-five for three matches. The system ends with 21 slips which combine the matches on two.

These big systems are too heavy for big winnings. It is quite difficult to guess all 6 matches correctly which will give you lots of money.

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Top mistakes when sports betting


When betting at Bet365 newbie find it is often hard to take off the rose-colored glasses. It is tempting to bet on the favorite team, or seemingly plausible justified tips that you read in a forum to believe, or to think that sports betting at Bet365 is a matter of luck and we must only guess how a game could go. Put your best never on your favorite team , no matter how much it can bleed your heart.

Never rely 100% on betting at Bet365 tips that you have seen somewhere on the internet. Some may be due to very credible and logical, which is not to deny, but just as many are based on amateur analysis and can cost you a lot of money at worst. It is never wrong to seek further opinions, but trust you prefer to use your own research and make analyzes of others only as a hedge. Sports betting at Bet365 is probability, no wild rates and it is important to research endings, namely as impartially as possible.

Choice of bookmakers

Do not log the first best bookmakers like Bet365 where you can find, but prepare yourself thoroughly before you start betting at Bet365. Faster than you think you fall for dubious bookmakers and thus only frustrated and unhappy. Therefore you should consider when choosing your bookmaker on some things. Avoid small sites do betting only at Bet365. The large, well-known providers are definitely recommended more and with them you are on the safe side. Respect seriousness and read before registering and using the Service always thoroughly the terms and conditions of those sites.

Take a look at the betting at Bet365 offer. Especially popular are betting at Bet365 football leagues an extensive selection of bookmakers should therefore be able to offer. Most bookmakers offering several sports, at least include tips for Bundesliga.

It is also recommended that a betting at Bet365 account at almost all major betting at Bet365 agencies to apply in order to always have the chance to compare odds and bet on the maximum quota. The different accounts need not always be equipped with money, in the event that you want to use it, the account in most cases you can easily recharge in seconds with the payment methods offered in each case.

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Why this sports betting blog?

My interest for betting at Bet365, already began at a young age and I thought of the big money and as many please rent deceptive. Only in the study picked me up the topic betting at Bet365 again – exactly the right time, through the free time in school, I was able to deepen my knowledge in the field of betting at Bet365. A part of my knowledge, maybe I would like to pass on my blog.

The goal of the betting at Bet365 blogs will be to simply get an overview of the field of betting at Bet365. For all betting at Bet365 beginners is this blog for betting at Bet365 is the perfect erstwhile into betting at Bet365 life. I will report on beginners topics such as Back and Lay or money management. In addition, I will also publish the occasional tip or football betting at Bet365 tip in my betting at Bet365 blog and so help you under the arms.

I will also describe come about various betting at Bet365 tools such as a computer system or as betting at Bet365 odds. Critical texts on betting at Bet365 forums or portals, but also for bookmakers are also determined to follow. The German government will get to hear one or the other in the gambling and the remaining monopoly in this betting at Bet365 blog.

Also, I’ve been blogging for quite some time for some bookmakers betting at Bet365. My career began at Wettnetzwerk.com and then I was allowed to write the Bet Tips for Tennis and laid back then a strong performance down. I expanded my knowledge in the field of betting at Bet365 in time using various literature on betting at Bet365 and experienced bettors – thank you one more time to the users. Then I did my PR marketing in the betting at Bet365 and poker in the agency flint.

There I collected the first practical experience in the betting at Bet365 and blogging. Since I work and blogging for the race headquarters, but also for the betting at Bet365 exchange Bet365. There I am responsible for the S?per Lig and write there betting at Bet365 Articles for the Bet365 blog. Well, that are the main reasons for this betting at Bet365 blog.


How do I calculate the gain of a horse betting?

In regards to gains in horseracing, you have to know basic – that the different horse-betting provider places you different types of bets. It applies, for example, between the bookmaker betting and totalizer differentiate. In the bookmaker bet you are the betting odds offered directly by the bookmaker and thus are seen before the start of horseracing, which means you can make your profits when bets calculate.

In the totalizer, betting sees things a little different, since the final odds are fixed before the start of the race. You just get an Eventualquote that acts as a guide. The final betting odds is determined only after the start of the race and is therefore only at your disposal. Now that this distinction has been made, must be further noted that there are different notations to represent the odds.

In the sports betting area, the decimal representation is widespread. There are also some horse betting providers, such as Betfair, which relies on this notation. Instead of having to gain calculation simply subtract the value of one of the odds and multiply the result by your bet. Formula: (betting odds – 1) * bet = Profit The majority of horse betting company does but in a different form of representation at the odds back.

During a decimal betting odds displayed for example as 2.8, provide many horse betting bookmaker betting odds than 28 this represents the betting odds is always based on a bet. The 28 represents the profit when you place a bet with a bet of 10. Strictly speaking, one would have (spoken 28 for 10) in the ratio 28:10 write area of the horse. This would be at the expense of clarity. For this reason, write the online horse betting; only the 28th At first glance, this may already be a little confusing.

However, there is a simple formula with which you can convert these ratios to decimal odds, and finally to calculate the profits. Formula (betting odds / 10) – 1 * bet = Profit For our example with a betting rate of 28 and a fixed bet 30 the formula would look like this. (28/10) – 1 * 30 = 54 . The profit amounts to 54 . Revenue resulting from the addition of the profit and the bet and is therefore at 84 .